LinkyThinks provides fresh, engaging and innovative approaches to common areas of study that are typically tricky, poorly-communicated or simply dull. Students need an approach that's relatable and engaging. LinkyThinks provides that approach. All LinkyThinks learning materials promise to be dynamic, affordable and creative in design.

LinkyThinks doesn't just exist online - personal tuition, workshops, teacher-training and group 'crash-courses' to schools, as well as private group sessions in a number of accessible London locations. We work with a number of charities, helping to design educational tools for children with special educational needs and elderly/disabled adults.

All of the resources we create are made for and with our hard-working students. Since many of our approaches and techniques are experimental, it is important to us that they come about through rigorous testing and feedback. By the time you enrol in one of our courses or purchase a resource, it has already been tried and tested on a multitude of students, by a range of experienced tutors and teachers. We are always looking to evolve our products, so please do get in touch with your feedback - We want to know all about your LinkyThinks experience!

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